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What is the goal of the privacy calculator?

A variety of Internet services request users’ personal information during the registration process, typically e-mail address, name and surname. This process is typical and poses no threat to users. However, the fraud may occur if a malicious individuals find a way to acquire this personal data. The most common case on the Internet is that attackers gain unauthorised access to the service which stores users’ personal data and gain access to this data in such a way. The goal of the calculator is not to frighten or intimidate Internet users, but rather to educate them and encourage to think about problems of their security and privacy on the Internet.

How to use the privacy calculator?

When designing the calculator we have examined users’ personal data typically required by Internet services. This data corresponds to the parameters you can see on the calculator’s main page. After selecting the parameters a system assesses the risk for the privacy of the owner of such data and provides real-world scenarios which correspond to the selected parameters. Along with the estimated risk, we encourage users to study the offered scenarios because they are the key to understanding the frauds and the problems they can bring.